What does Mashbo mean?

Many things to many people

We’ve always had trouble answering this question because there is no one thing. Instead of trying to tell you what “Mashbo” means, we’ll tell you who we are.

We’re nice, we’re talented, we’re hard working, we’re thinkers, we’re doers, we’re designers, we’re developers, we’re strategists, we’re researchers. We’re many things to many people.

musical people
plan things

Vision Statement

To empower our clients through technology and improve the lives of their employees and customers

Mission Statement

We build things people use. We use technology to solve complex challenges and transform the efficiency, capability and profitability of global organisations, improving the lives of their employees and customers.

Value Statement

Keeping it Mashbo – Our Values

These six values are the pillars of our culture and work ethic. They underpin our commitment to using our skills and influence to make lives, organisations and communities better. We strive to always:

  • Make a positive difference

    Change everything you touch for the better and deliver positive impact to people, organisations and communities.

  • Push the boundaries

    Never stop exploring, playing and pushing the boundaries of our technical ability. Tech doesn’t stop, so neither should we.

  • Be go-givers

    Pursue and embrace opportunities to help others and encourage education, collaboration and knowledge sharing for the greater good.

  • Have self-belief

    Take on any challenge with the knowledge that you have the skills, support and capability to succeed and deliver. Know your worth and respect the worth of others.

  • Say it as it is

    Ditch the small print and be honest. Build relationships on a strong foundation of trust and transparency.

  • Keep it Mashbo

    Commit yourself to doing the right thing, in the best way possible, in everything that you do.

Media Coverage

We love it when people talk about us and our work.

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