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Web Design

Web design is about more than good looks. It’s the difference between a digital product that people love to use and one that is hard to use.


Designing with Your User in Mind

We are passionate about human-centered design and User Experience (UX). We bring expert understanding of web users, what they need and value, and how they think and feel. Our approach to project management is underpinned by deep user insight and intensive user engagement.

We take an industry best practice approach and we will build your digital product using the principles of responsive web design. This means that your product will be fully scalable across different platforms and work across the full range of screen sizes, resolutions and device types.

Mobile First

Our mobile first approach pushes responsive web design even further. We build your product with the constraints of mobile devices in mind from the outset.

We build for smaller devices first. Then we evolve the layout and rhythm of each section and page for larger smartphones, tablets, laptops, large desktop and TV screens.

Mobile first meets user demand for computing everywhere. 76% of UK adults now have a smartphone.

This approach delivers a fantastic User Experience (UX) across all devices. By reducing file sizes and load times, your product will be quicker and easier to use, even without a strong Wi-Fi or data connection.

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Content First

Because smaller devices have a narrow shape and limited screen space, we provide the most useful things first – based on what users need most from your product. Working in this way leads to better and more useful content for all screen sizes.

Web Accessibility

We believe in making websites accessible for everyone. Our websites meet the internationally recognised WCAG 2.0 (AA) standard for meeting the needs of people with physical and sensory disabilities.

Websites designed with this in mind are generally 35% more accessible for everyone and perform better in search rankings. We build your website to achieve best practice standards on accessibility.


Pure Coding...

Our approach to design is supported by our quality commitment to coding.

We comply with W3C standards and regularly check our code against these standards during the build process. This ensures that your product will work across all browsers and users will enjoy a seamless experience across platforms.

Good code helps search engines to find and rank websites. It reduces the need for lengthy bug fixes and prevents rendering issues in the browser.

We test our code continuously and testing is a fundamental part of everything we do. When we write our first line of code, we write the tests that go along with it.

Automated testing ensures that when any updates or changes are made to your product, the functionality will continue to work as intended. The system will run exactly the same tests every time and immediately flag any issues.