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Research & Development

From Artificial Intelligence to VR, we love to work with cutting-edge tech. We’re passionate about turning innovative ideas into reality and building ground-breaking digital products that people love to use.


Passionate About Innovation

We’re excited by innovation. We have a nimble, flexible team who love to find solutions to complex challenges.

Whatever your idea, we love working with new technologies to test the boundaries of what’s possible. We’ll conduct extensive research and adapt our skills to scope your idea and find new ways to approach the problem.

We use our knowledge of existing technology to inform the research process and adapt our skills during the earliest stages of development.

Research Spikes

During the R&D process, we can utilise Agile methodologies to break the research into a series of research sprints – or ‘spikes’.

This allows us to spend an intensive burst of work learning, rather than trying to create anything. We’ll use this time to get to grips with new technology, learning the ins and outs and progressing our skills in that particular area. We’ll find out exactly how we can start to use the technology to solve the challenge in front of us.

We’ll report back to you at the end of each spike, so you’re fully informed of any potential solutions we have found. You’ll be a key part of the R&D process throughout, working alongside our development team to continuously evolve your digital project.

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Benefits to Your Business

The R&D process will position you as an innovator in your sector; someone who is leading the way to solve complex technical challenges. You’ll potentially have a tangible digital product at the end of the process that can solve real issues.

There are also R&D tax credits available to reward organisations for investing in innovation. This means you could claim back some of the cost involved in undertaking an R&D project. The newly developed products/services will likely lead to increased brand awareness and attract new business.

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