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Mobile Apps

We build mobile apps that people love to use. We’ll engage your users and create a memorable mobile experience that captures your core brand values.


User-Centered Design

Your users are looking for an experience when they use your app. They want an app that not only does what they want it to do, but also is nice to use.

The mobile-first way in which we design our websites means that we have an innate understanding of working within the constraints of mobile devices. This carries over into our mobile apps and helps us to understand what your users want to see on mobile.

We design and develop your mobile app with your users at the heart of every decision. Every interface is designed for ease of use, creating a simple mobile experience to engage your audience.

Capturing Your Brand

As with every digital product we build, we’ll capture your core brand values and create an app that is distinct and reflective of your brand.

We’ll build a bespoke app that is designed around you – giving your audience an experience that they can associate with your brand and that they’ll keep coming back to.

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We use Cordova technology to build a single Javascript code base, from which we can deploy your app to different phone models and operating systems – whether its iOS or Android.

This allows us to develop faster, build new features faster and also save on cost going forward. Instead of building a separate app for each operating system, your app will already be cross-platform. Any further developments can be built into the existing app, rather than starting from scratch.

Your app will be accessible from any device, maximising your audience reach. You’ll be engaging with them wherever they are, no matter what device they’re using.

Defining a Mobile Strategy

Long-gone are the days when having a mobile presence as an organisation was a ‘nice-to-have’. Collectively, UK citizens look at their smartphones over a billion times a day. Reaching for your phone has become instinctive – from the moment people wake up until the minute they go to sleep.

With mobile having such a vast audience, organisations need to find a way to utilise this audience and find new ways to engage with them on mobile.

We’ll help you to define a wider mobile strategy, pinpointing how you can widen your audience reach through engaging, user-focused mobile experiences.

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