Our Process

Software as a Business

We listen and support

We put time into understanding who you are and how we can help you to get the best out of your digital. We don’t just provide you with a solution and throw you in at the deep end, we give you our full support throughout the project and beyond.


Idea Testing

Our first stage is to listen to you and understand your vision for the project. We’ll discuss every one of your ideas – providing our insight to work towards a solution that you’re happy with. This could include consultation with outside parties to test out early ideas and prototypes, ensuring that together we make an informed choice when it comes to your solution.

By testing ideas out in this way, we can think through potential problems first and be aware of any issues that may crop up later in the project, saving both us and you a lot of hassle in the process.


Technical Consultation

We won’t throw buzz words at you and blind you with techy terms. Nor will we develop a solution that involves an unnecessary level of technology just to make some quick cash.

We work with you to develop a solution that is tailored to you, researching every possible avenue to find the best fit for your business and your customers. There’s no one set way, we’ll discuss a range of options with you, providing our expert technical insight to make relevant suggestions.

Business Planning

We’ll work with you to discover how your digital project will become part of your business, rather than leaving you with something you can’t get your head around.

We’ll help you to develop a strategy for getting the most of your digital project, helping you engage with your customers and bring your staff and stakeholders onboard.



Modern branding requires much more than a logo. Branding identity is a visual language, used to communicate your position as sector leaders. It’s a mix of colours, shapes, texture, imagery, typography, and tone of voice.

We carry out extensive research, working with you to establish your brand identity. We’ll research your competitors and other key bodies within your sector to find out exactly how your brand should be positioned. We get to the heart of your values and aspirations to develop a brand that represents the foundations of your organisation.

We deliver a brand that is flexible and applicable to every part of your organisation, supporting you through launch and beyond.


Backlog Creation

As part of our Agile project process, we’ll take everything done so far and use this to populate a backlog of what needs to be done to work towards the next part of your solution.

We’ll order this backlog by priority to your business, so the necessities are taken care of first. With vital tasks being completed first, and nice-to-haves coming later, you’ll know that the essential parts of your project will be taken care of.

Sprint Planning

With large projects, it can be difficult to separate the crucial project goals from the nice to haves. This is why we work with you to break the project down into a series of defined project goals.

We then work through these project goals with a series of sprints – intensive bursts of work that focus on a particular pre-defined outcome.

We plan these sprints meticulously, fully documenting the work for each sprint using JIRA project management software. At the end of each sprint, you’ll have a tangible outcome that makes up a crucial part of your digital project.



Once we’ve planned the sprint, our design and development teams will go away and work on the highlighted issues. We’ll do the designing, the coding, the prototyping and whatever else is needed to get the job done.

We’ll present back to you at the end of sprint review so you can see exactly what work has been done and how it addresses the issues highlighted.



Once your project is out there, we need to make sure that people are using it in the way we expected. We’ll put thorough measurement procedures in place to ensure we monitor the response to your project and make sure everything is going to plan.

We can carry out A/B tests to test out different scenarios and see which has the best response. We can carry out general and technical analytics to measure the effectiveness of your project within your target audience.

We’ll also review the sprint as a whole, allowing us to gain an insight into how we can improve task management during the next sprint. We can use this knowledge to go back to idea testing stage and provide some insight from which to build on going forward.


Idea Testing

And the process continues...

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