World Mental Health Day 2018: Spread the Word About the Hub of Hope

Hub of Hope

This week we have learned that the Hub of Hope, the mental health support database that we have developed in partnership with national mental health charity, Chasing the Stigma, has been shortlisted for not one but THREE more awards - the Digital Entrepreneur Awards UK, in the brand new Tech for Good category, the Liverpool Chamber Annual Dinner Awards 2018 in the Digital & Technology category (with Chasing the Stigma CEO also up for the Local Hero gong) and one more that we're not allowed to reveal just yet 🤫.

Spreading the word

Of course we're over the moon about this. It's a resource we are proud to have created and one that we know from the usage statistics is making a difference to people's lives. The awards are brilliant and testament to the hard work of the team here at Mashbo and at Chasing the Stigma. But it's spreading the word that really matters.

If you want to celebrate our success and join us in our excitement this World Mental Health Day, please share this tweet from Chasing the Stigma, tell a friend about the Hub of Hope, download the app or even tell your boss about the newly-launched Ambassadors of Hope training, which teaches people how to talk confidently and effectively about mental health use the Hub of Hope to find or signpost people to help.

You are never alone

The most important thing about these award wins and nominations is raising awareness of the Hub of Hope. It's about making sure support organisations know about it and register for free, so more people can find them and get help. It's about sharing and re-iterating the message that we all have mental health, no one is ever alone and that there is ALWAYS hope and help to be found.

The web app is available online, in the App Store and in the Play Store. It is free to download and use and also free for organisations to register, simply visit: