Urban Cookie Directive

Still recovering from the stress and confusion of GDPR? Well brace yourself, there’s another data storm coming - the ePrivacy regulation.

Never heard of it? The ePrivacy Regulation is an EU law on personal privacy and data protection, which is due to be approved in 2019. It’s designed to protect personal data in the e-communications sector and will replace the current ePrivacy Directive, which you may know better as the ‘cookie law’, which is responsible for those (largely annoying) consent pop ups on websites.

The ePrivacy directive is a stronger, more robust version of the ‘cookie law’. It will render the “accept all cookies” banner unsatisfactory in terms of gaining consent and in some cases it will even override the GDPR with regards to electronic communications.

But what does that mean for businesses? Will we be able to track traffic to our websites and analyse data in the same way? Will the regulation still even apply if we leave the EU on 31st October?

Most importantly, what do we need to do now to plan for the arrival of the ePrivacy regulation?

Find the answers in our feature in the Autumn edition of the Liverpool & Sefton Chamber of Commerce magazine, Well Connected.