There's more to Mashbo than me...

Being an MD or a frequent speaker at events, representing your company, can inadvertently result in you becoming a brand figurehead.

Like many others, I fell into the role early on, as my two co-founders and I aimed to divide and conquer, each tackling a particular area to get our business off the ground. I found myself tasked with new business development and making sure people knew about us and what we did. Despite being well out of my comfort zone, I took on the challenge and before long I was being recognised as “the Mashbo guy with the stripy top”.

Seven years on and people know Mashbo even better, they know me (thankfully) by name but are still often surprised that I wear clothing other than my “signature” red and white stripy top.

What they don’t usually know about is two very important parts of Mashbo’s business. Vital parts in fact. My two co-founders, Technical Director, Steve Todd and Creative Director, Liam Potter.

As Mashbo embraces a new stage of its journey, a bit older and a lot wiser, I want Steve and Liam to step out into the limelight and be recognised for their invaluable contribution to our business, as well as sharing their expertise and opinions more frequently.

You can learn more about them in my recent LinkedIn article

I will also be introducing them more fully there too over the next few weeks, starting by explaining their roles in Mashbo, highlighting their exceptional skills and rounding off with a short Q&A, so you can get to know them just like we do.

Because there is much, much more to Mashbo than me.