SmashingConf 2019: San Fran Here We Come!

Having a headquarters in Liverpool, like many other fantastic technology and software businesses, we often talk about the importance of getting out of our local and regional ‘tech bubbles’ and making sure we raise our profile in others. In fact, I wrote a whole article about it for The Drum. You can read it here.

We don’t do it just for Mashbo, or to extend our senior team’s knowledge. We do it it fly the flag for the region and the country to. Not to mention making sure that we’re learning from some of the world’s best, so we can share that knowledge with our team and beyond.

So that’s why, this week, myself, Steve Todd and Liam Potter are all heading stateside to San Francisco, to attend SmashingConf 2019.

SmashingConf 2019

The whole ethos of the conference aligns with Mashbo’s vision and values. It exists to bring people together, technology and development professionals from all over the world, from businesses of all different types and sizes. It’s there so we can share ideas, techniques, successes, failures and learn from one another.

The day before the conference action starts, we’ll be heading to visit the team behind freelance management SaaS platform, Shortlist, to share our learnings from creating automated student property management software, PropertyCloud, and discover more about their platform.

Then it’s over to to Mozilla, the not-for-profit behind the Firefox internet browser, for a pre-conference warm up in collaboration with Shopify. There will be lots of exciting talks about code-based design, scrollytelling and building accessible experiences that we’re sure will whet our appetite for the main event.

Learning & Getting Hands On

Over the course of the two day conference, we’ll be attending presentations by some truly awe-inspiring speakers and there will be a few networking parties, a chance to mingle in a more informal setting.

So, before we set off, what are we each most looking forward to?

Personally, I’m most looking forward to a talk by Jennifer Brook and David P Simon called ‘Yes, and?’. It is about the power of facilitation and how it can be used when working with teams and within organisation, turning knowledge into action.

There’s also a talk by Brad Frost called ‘Let’s Build a Design System!’ which will use Pattern Lab to build some front end components and several screens of a real pilot project. It’ll touch on modular development, which our team is already implementing on a number of projects, and highlight some best practices.

We’ll be sharing pictures and updates from our trip on Instagram and Twitter, so do give us a follow. We’ll also be sure to share all the details on our return!