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As businesses embark on transformational new projects designed to improve efficiency, profitability and working environment for staff, digital tools are frequently at their heart.

It can be an exciting time, with big ambitions to meet, but it is also the point when most foundational mistakes can be made, risking projects becoming complex and expensive headaches.

Challenges, such as bringing in the right suppliers to deliver a tech project , can be fraught with risk. For example understanding the implications of legacy software in new projects, how existing processes may need to evolve, or even knowing the level of detail and right questions to include in a brief or tender can be pitfalls for in-house teams.

This isn’t a failure of the organisation - suppliers are often brought in where the expertise doesn’t already exist in the business. However, it can become a failure in robust and appropriate preparation.

This is why Mashbo offers technical scoping as a service for anyone looking to use tech to transform their business.

Our scoping workshops allow a team of technical experts to examine your ideas and liaise with your team to clarify the aims and objectives of the projects, with the following outcomes:

  • Identify the specific problem that your project aims to resolve - so the solution delivers the desired outcome
  • Identify and address technical issues such as legacy software early, confirming the project is technically possible - rather than having nasty surprises further down the line
  • Present alternatives to navigate any technical, staffing or budgetary limitations
  • Mitigate risk and allow planning for a smooth transition to any new platform or process
  • Create a clear project roadmap that answers the question “how will this work?”
  • Save time and money, by mapping out core features and identifying difficult problems at the start of the process

While scoping is a time and financial investment, time and again we have seen that it reduces costs in the long run and allows big ideas to become business-boosting realities faster and more efficiently.

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