Santa Dashing for Chasing the Stigma

Continuing our support for Chasing the Stigma, the organisation behind the Hub of Hope, a team from Mashbo will be donning their Santa suits on Sunday 2nd December and running to raise awareness and funds for the national mental health charity.

We’ll be joining staff from the charity and a team from Liverpool City Council, who are also supporting Chasing the Stigma in the annual festive fun run. You can make a donation to their campaign here.

Ambassadors of Hope Training

If running around dressed as Santa wasn’t exciting enough, on Tuesday 4th December our team will also be receiving Chasing the Stigma’s Ambassadors of Hope accredited mental health training.

Christmas is a difficult time for lots of people, which makes it the ideal time of year to undertake this mental health training. However, it’s just as important the rest of the year round as well.

We’re looking forward to equipping our team with the knowledge and skills to help people experiencing mental health issues by being able to spot the signs, approach the subject confidently, signpost to help and react to a crisis situation.

If you, a friend, colleague or loved one is struggling, visit the Hub of Hope for help - because there is always someone to talk to.

Image by Ben Kidlington