Project Case Study: Nugent

Nugent Case Study

Nugent are an established charity with a 135-year history of helping those in need. They needed to reposition their brand, allowing them to continue to meet the evolving needs of those in their care, whilst upholding their distinguished legacy.

Mashbo partnered with Bread Media and stepped in to deliver a complete brand refresh and digital strategy development to roll out across every part of the organisation.

We made it our mission to become ingrained in the most integral parts of the organisation – engaging with stakeholders, trustees and board members to reposition Nugent as a brand and highlight its commercial potential. We helped the team to move away from Nugent’s purely traditional, religion-based foundations to bring them into the 21st Century whilst still upholding their core values.


Our challenge was to completely transform the Nugent brand, as well as developing a strategy to put them on course to become an entirely dignified and outstanding organisation by 2020. This is something the organisation hadn’t experienced for over a decade – so we knew we’d have to work hard to change the mindset of every member of the Nugent team.

We also needed to invest a lot of our time into understanding the pillars of the Nugent brand. With such a wide range of service offerings, covering everything from community support to adoption, we needed to break down these offerings into clear, concise labels. Making the brand completely coherent and transparent was a key part of our strategy.

We made the Nugent team part of the process at every stage, making them as much a part of the rebrand as we were. We engaged with stakeholders, trustees, board members and team members to make sure that everyone was heading in the same direction with changing the face of the Nugent brand. We held workshops with service users to involve them in the process as much as possible.


Research and evidence was at the foundation of everything we did. We ensured that we had the evidence to fully back up our reasoning for steering the brand in a new direction.

We carried out extensive research – gaining a true understanding of the Nugent identity through competitor analysis. This gave us the best idea of how to move forward with the brand and reposition them to put them on course to not only compete with, but also outperform their competitors. This went down well with the people we engaged with, as they knew our findings were based in facts and understanding of the organisation.


In response to the challenges faced, we delivered:

A modern, fresh brand that is adaptable in every medium possible from signage to mobile. Perhaps the most visible aspect was the name change from 'Nugent Care' to 'Nugent' – this made the brand more reflective of the range of services on offer, and represented a major milestone for an organisation with such an important legacy.

Additionally, we developed a number of websites, primarily for the overall Nugent brand and also for a some of their service offerings including Nugent House School, Clarence High School and Nugent Adoption – delivering a digital representation of the Nugent brand to attract new service users and commissioners.

As part of the process, we worked on a dedicated 117-page Marketing & Communications Strategy document which maps out the launch of the rebrand, followed by recommendations and planning for future internal and external communications activity. The document details over 30 target market profiles that cover every aspect of those engaging with the Nugent brand – from fundraisers and carers to service users and press/media. Nugent now have the tools necessary to implement a clear marketing and communications strategy over their 2016 – 2020 strategic transformation.

Alongside this we provided full support and delivery of the rebrand, and marketing & communications strategy – with initial rollout into aspects of the organisations internal communications.

The accompanying Branding Guidelines document allows the Nugent Marketing & Communications team to update marketing and communications material – from fee reports to business cards. We have worked with the team to review their designs and develop their understanding of how the brand can be used to its full potential. We have given them full creative control, whilst still providing some guidelines and feedback in order to support them in the process. This has allowed them to express their creativity, whilst also ensuring that the brand is represented in the best way possible. It has also demonstrated to them that we intend to support the rebrand through launch and beyond.



With the initial rollout of the brand, Nugent are already seeing some results. As a result of starting to integrate the new brand, Nugent have secured new revenue streams into their education service from new commissioners. This has put them well on course to increase their turnover by £10m in the next four years, after only two weeks of integrating the new brand.

“We are extremely happy with the new brand and have had very positive feedback. Many of our staff have devoted their lives to working here, and it’s great to be able to reflect their dedication in our new look. We’ve already been able to help three children access our education service as a direct result of the rebrand, which is a positive and rewarding result for us. We’re excited to see what changes this element of our strategic direction brings in future.”

Normandie Wragg, Chief Executive Officer, Nugent


“It has been a pleasure to work with Mashbo and Bread on our rebrand, we have achieved a lot, everything we had planned and more. Both Mashbo and Bread have shown great passion and understanding of Nugent and our work, and provided excellence in the creativity rooted across all the key outcomes. We have inspired our staff, board, trustees, supporters, service users and stakeholders. Nugent has been transformed, with a new persona that is bold, refreshing and ambitious.”

Mike James, Marketing and Communications Manager, Nugent

We loved working with Nugent and Bread on a truly collaborative effort to give a fresh, modern face to an organisation that has been helping people for over a century.


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