Project Case Study: Manx Telecom

Manx Case Study

Manx Telecom are a leading communications solutions provider based on the Isle of Man. Delivering class-leading technology, Manx Telecom work in partnership with the Isle of Man government, making the island a global centre of excellence for eBusiness.

With a long tradition of pioneering new technologies and bringing innovative products and services to the Isle of Man, they have invested £110 million in local telecommunications infrastructure.

Locally, Manx Telecom offer the full range of fixed line, mobile, broadband, data, hosting and managed services to consumers, businesses, and the public sector.

Globally, they provide world class connectivity and data hosting services, with an international portfolio of smart SIM solutions, including Connection Critical Mobile, Machine-to-Machine (M2M), International Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) and Global Messaging products and services.

Manx Telecom came to Mashbo in 2015 with a vision for a new website that would enhance their customer experience and strengthen trust in their brand.

Their existing website was content-heavy, tricky to navigate and not designed for mobile use. With the fast-paced, real-time nature of the communications industry, they needed a website that made their user journey as painless and fluid as possible.


We worked closely with Manx Telecom’s development team through an intensive Agile project. Together, we created a high quality, on-brand, fully responsive website based on the open source Joomla Content Management System (CMS).

Designing a clear information architecture, we created a website that was easy to navigate. This helps personal and business customers to find useful information and explore the full range of Manx Telecom products. We established content modules, enabling flexible display, subsections and dynamic HTML5 adverts.


Agile projects are delivered through a series of well-paced sprints, with the product evolving in phases based on close collaboration between us and our client. This approach makes our process transparent and helps us to achieve Minimum Viable Product in the shortest possible timeframe.

Agile was a new approach for Manx Telecom. They are a large organisation – one of the largest employers on the island, employing over 300 people – and work to robust, established processes. Their in-house development team was more familiar with traditional Waterfall processes.

We made the Agile approach work by regularly flying over to the island for workshops and co-creation sessions. By doing this, we built valuable relationships and worked with Manx Telecom as a true business partner. Through intensive collaboration, we gained genuine insight and understanding of business needs that informed our design and build of the website.



User testing of the new website gave us some great results. Users told us that the site was clearly structured and easy to use. They also told us that the website helped to strengthen their trust in the Manx Telecom brand, placing the business in line with other global telecommunications providers.

We loved working with Manx Telecom to develop a solution that their customers love to use.



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