Mashbo's 9th Birthday

Mashbo 9

It's our birthday - Here's a round up of the last 9 years

9 things we’ve done

  • We’ve helped 100,000+ people find mental health support via the Hub of Hope
  • We’ve supported loads of good causes from our Creative Kitchen coat collection campaign, Gavin and Steve taking part in a 24 hours treadmill run for Cash for Kids (Their knees have never been the same) and continued support of Chasing The Stigma
  • We created a groundbreaking VR educational product on a shoestring budget, which was featured on the BBC News
  • Our first ever Mashbo project was with the amazing Peggy O'Brien and Winnie Keating from the sadly missed Breast Cancer support charity Lily Centre.
  • We’ve managed over £20m of rental payments via our PropertyCloud student letting web application
  • During lockdown we created a new learning platform called KnowledgeBank
  • We’ve won numerous awards including BIMA, Big Chip and Prolific North Awards
  • We built a web portal in 7 languages for the SwissRE brand iptiQ
  • We’ve supported 15 startups launch their MVP products

9 things we’ve learnt

  • Always do scoping
  • Never deploy on a Friday
  • Focus on your skills - this is why we’ve dropped website design from our service offering
  • Never stop learning
  • Sweat investment is a bad idea, unless there’s a clear long term financial plan (we’ve fallen into that agency trap a couple of times)
  • A 1 Star Google review doesn’t tell the full picture. Be careful who you partner with (Doh!)
  • Kiss (Keep it simple stupid), don’t over engineer the problem
  • You can’t spin all of the plates
  • Digital and Tech is never finished, so be prepared for the long haul

9 places Mashbo has taken us

  • San Fran
  • Zurich
  • Lisbon
  • Bratislava
  • Berlin
  • Somme
  • Douglas
  • Machynlleth
  • Greggs - too many team breakfast breaks

9 Facts

  • Mashbo co-founder Steve is a pilot
  • The business started above a sex shop
  • Co-founder Gavin had to borrow Duncan Ferguson's boots whilst playing in goal in a half time penalty shoot out at Goodison Park
  • Steve was once featured on the Discovery channel with his jeans around his ankles
  • Gavin’s first digital project was with the DJ Paul Oakenfold and was launched at Cream whilst he was still at Liverpool John Moores University back in 1999
  • Adam our lead software engineer career path followed both Gavin and Steve at the same company but at different times.
  • Callum took his first job in digital straight from school
  • Hannah walked 100km across the South Downs in under 24 hours as part of Trailwalker for Oxfam
  • Nikki used to be the commissioning editor of woman's weekly magazine Pick Me Up and interviewed characters as varied as Andy Park or "Mr Christmas" a Wiltshire man who celebrates Christmas every day, Simon Cowell's Mum and Mr Motivator

Mashbo 9

Thank You

Both Gavin and Steve would like to thank everybody who has helped us to get this point in the history of Mashbo.

Take care, stay safe everybody and remember to keep it Mashbo xxx