Mashbo X 10

Mashbo X | 10

It's been 10 years since we first established Mashbo. Throughout that decade we have evolved and shape-shifted and now we are where we set out to be from the very beginning.

We’re a software development consultancy working with clients whose eyes are open to challenges and understand both the money and time that need to be invested in tech to make positive and profitable change.

We are a perfect example of the journey that we take our clients on today. It has taken 10 years of learning and being brave enough to invest in ourselves, our products and our services. As soon as we did, we found ourselves flourishing.

From humble begnnings in a shoebox-sized office located above a sex shop, through having a packed city-centre office, to now not having an office at all and being fully remote with a flexible four-day working for all of our team.

We’re a team that can be measured on our skills and the quality of our work, rather than headcount. As a business we have the freedom and maturity to be able to say ‘no’ to opportunities that are not right for us, to understand the clients we choose to build a relationship with and stick with them long-term, to ensure continuous development - the place where we bring the most value. We understand that all of our clients are making a significant investment, which is why that relationship and understanding is so vital.

The year that has passed

Was it COVID-19 that changed everything? Probably. The challenges we experienced in the midst of a global health emergency forced us to work smarter and be wiser. We made impactful decisions that have made improvements to our team's wellbeing and working practices, not to mention having a positive impact on our clients

We worked with several amazing organisations who put positive change at the top of the agenda too. This includes our ongoing work with the national mental health charity Chasing The Stigma, as we continued the development and enhancement of the charity’s multi-award winning Hub of Hope app, which now supports on average 30,000 people every month, following successful signposting partnerships with Network Rail and the Association of Mental Health Providers, among others, and endorsement from the NHS and NCP.

We have also been working with WorkPAL, a company that provides workforce appraisals within the NHS; debt recovery company, Churchill, for which we are streamlining back office processes and providing field agents with real time data interactions, and Career Connect, delivering a consultancy project that has mapped the organisation's digital future.

We are 10

At times, it’s been hard to imagine reaching this point, but we’ve done it and hit the milestone of 10 years of Mashbo. From day one we have always been evolving, learning and transforming and we believe that’s how we’ve made it to this point today - along with tireless support from our clients, team and industry peers.

So let's keep on learning and supporting others, as we head into another year of change and transformation. If you’re ready, we will be there to support you with whatever challenges lie ahead.

Are you ready, are you ready to talk? Yes we are…

We are here to talk if you are ready to take on your next challenge. We’ll keep it Mashbo as we help you to improve your business or organisation through digital transformation.