Mashbo is 7

Today marks seven years of Mashbo. Like all new businesses, you have to pivot to keep the wheels turning and that’s something we’ve done many times through the years.

But now we’ve stepped up to be the business we wanted to be when we first started out, just with the added injection of experience and confidence to truly be Mashbo. We are on track with the original mission that we had in mind when we first founded the company back in 2011.

Could we of got here sooner? Probably, but then we wouldn’t have had all of those experiences and learnings that we can now build upon.

Working with the wrong clients

On our journey to get where we are today, we’ve had some wrong clients. That can be damaging to any business but each experience we’ve had, we have learned and grown from.

Sometimes you have to battle to get the project over the line and sometimes you have to be brave and stop it. Writing off the time and refunding the fees isn’t an easy decision to make, but it can be the right one. There are, of course, short term losses that are usually financial, but from this there's also a long term benefit to both client and your team.

Working with the right clients

But on the flip side, when you hit the sweet spot, everybody reaps the rewards. Working with the wrong clients really does make you appreciate and value the right ones. The ones where there is an understanding of the value of the investment, a focus on the brief and an understanding that change may cause delays and increased spend.

But more importantly than all that is the understanding of the power of the investment into digital technology. Harnessed correctly and implemented with expertise, it can benefit clients’ financial growth, user engagement, it can free up valuable time and even improve your mental health by removing stress and time-consuming processes from your business.

Successes - we’ve had a few...

In the past seven years we’ve done a lot of things that we are really proud of. Most recently we have had amazing success with our collaboration with Chasing the Stigma - the Hub of Hope.

The app, which we have created with the national mental health charity, has helped more than 20,000 people around the UK find and access mental health support services. For us, that is the biggest win, but we’ve also received some nice awards as well, a celebration of the team’s hard work and another way to help raise the charity’s profile and awareness of the vital resource it provides.

Those awards have included a BIMA Award for Best Website and App with Conscience, a Charity Times award for the Best Use of Technology and a Liverpool and Sefton Chamber Annual Dinner Award in the Digital and Technology category, with the shortlistings still rolling in.

We’ve also seen some incredible results for our co-invested student property management platform, PropertyCloud. Using automation we’ve completely transformed the businesses of the lettings agents using the platform, we’ve even managed to take the process of signing up a new HMO tenancy from three weeks to less than an hour.

Off the back of that success and our expertise in using technology to create solutions to business issues, we’ve become even more focused on having conversations with new clients about the value of automation and using digital platforms and apps to streamline their most time consuming business processes, so they can focus more time on those activities that make money and grow their business.

We’ve also been working with some amazing new clients which include global accountancy firm, BDO, third sector sustainable technology and education charity Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) and Everton Football Club.

We have also continued to support Liverpool-based online retainer Kids Cavern, social care and education charity, Nugent, global reinsurance firm Swiss Re, to name just a few of our long-standing awesome friends and clients.

What’s next for Mashbo?

The future for Mashbo is bright and I can’t hide that I’m excited and I know the team is too. We have focus on both our service offering and the kind of client we should be working with, in order to ensure a brilliant two-way relationship that generates results that really make a difference.

Our business growth is now focused on projects harnessing automation and artificial intelligence (AI), as well as consultancy services, such as technical scoping and technology design sprints and investment into research and development (R&D).

We’ll looking not just for people to work for, we’re looking for people to work with. Clients and business investment partners. Organisations that we know we can do amazing things with.

We’re going to be hiring more brilliant talented people to grow and build Mashbo as it enters its next phase, as well as people who will create and develop platforms like PropertyCloud. We’re going to be Investing in new ideas and new businesses - just like we originally set out to do.

A special thank you...

A day like this is one for celebration and saying thank you. We’ve come so far, but none of this would have been possible without the support and vision of my co-founders Steve and Liam and our amazing team - new and old.

We also owe a lot to the people who have supported us with mentoring, sometimes being that shoulder to cry on or that sounding board to discuss ideas and challenges.

There are too many to list here, but you know who you are. Thank you all, you’re amazing!

After a brilliant, exciting ride this far, it makes me so proud to say: We’re Mashbo, we are 7 and we build things people use.