Key takeaways from Housing 2023


Yesterday, I attended Housing 2023 in Manchester and discovered that the housing sector is facing numerous challenges, particularly the intense competition for data. The discussions revolved around the collection of tenant and building services data, emphasising the importance of using this information to improve homes and enhance people's lives.

One highlight of the event was the opportunity to spend time with Paul Malone, an expert in affordable housing from Moving Soon. Paul assists social housing organisations and landlords in finding tenants for affordable and hard-to-let homes through his user-friendly platform, This experience shed light on the potential for technological advancements to drive change and empower tenants.

Our team is currently engaged in an ongoing software development project called Tenat, where our primary focus lies in striking the right balance between compliance and governance from a landlord's standpoint while simultaneously empowering tenants to manage the lifecycle of their tenancy and address any property-related issues.

Tenants and Mental Health

I was grateful to attend sessions that focused on tenants, with mental health being a prominent topic. Providers of social housing stressed the need for support from local community services. It was during this discussion that I introduced the Hub of Hope by Chasing the Stigma, a multi-award-winning app that facilitates access to local support services and community gatherings. Encouraging service providers to register their offerings with the hub could significantly benefit those in need. Collaboration between social housing providers and organisations like Chasing the Stigma presents an excellent opportunity for positive change.

The Mashbo team is diligently working on addressing tenant's stressful issues by prioritising transparency in issue management and communication within the Tenat platform. Our aim is to provide a platform that ensures clear visibility of any concerns related to the home, fostering effective communication channels between tenants and landlords.

Collaboration and Tech

The main takeaway from the event is that collaboration is crucial for improving home management and the well-being of residents. Perhaps it's time for the housing sector to adopt a smaller, smarter, and more agile mindset? In our opinion moving away from monolithic systems that may not fully meet the needs of tenants locked into long-term contracts due to cumbersome procurement processes can benefit landlords and social housing organisations as much as their tenants, through greater customer satisfaction, a reduction in complaints and issues and a more transparent and supportive approach.

If you currently reside in social or rented accommodation, what frustrations do you experience with your landlord or property manager, and how do you envision a better approach to address these issues? Email us via