Hub of Hope gets Crisis Text Line Update


You might not have noticed, but recently the Hub of Hope - the mental health support app that we created for national charity, Chasing the Stigma - received an update.

As part of the charity’s new partnership with Crisis Text Line, we added a 24/7 text support service to the app. That means users can now hit the “talk now” button and be given the option of speaking to the Samaritans, or sending a text reading ‘HOPE’ directly to Crisis Text Line and connecting them to a properly trained volunteer.

It was a simple change, the tiniest of changes in fact. A new button added and some styles updated. No challenges, no problems, just a quick job that was ticked off in an afternoon. Obviously, there’s been more leg work in brokering the partnership, which is all down to Chasing the Stigma CEO, Jake Mills. But the technical bit was a breeze.

But the impact will be huge. A person in crisis who may not feel able to pick up the phone will be put in touch with someone trained to help them, whenever they need it. They’ll be there to help people move forward to the next step of seeking support.

As well as being accessible in the Hub of Hope, people will also be able to text ‘HOPE’ to 85258 directly, to receive support.

Speaking to media about the partnership, Jake said: “During this turbulent time for mental health services — in which those seeking help face waiting months on waiting lists or struggle to get a GP appointment to discuss their situation in the first place— this crisis line will offer a much-needed lifeline for those who feel they have nowhere else to turn”.

He’s right - and we’re proud to have been part of if.

If you or someone you love is struggling there is always hope - find out how to access and download the FREE Hub of Hope app here.