How we like to work!


Software development process

As a software development consultancy we love our processes. Because of the nature of what we do, we understand that the value and impact of your investment needs to be maximised when developing software applications.

With this in mind we always start with a scoping consultation period to build the story of our project to define the value of our skills and service.

It’s a process we have shaped and evolved over our 12 years of trading and is rooted in 25 years of industry experience. How does scoping work?

To understand how to improve your business we need to delve deeper into your processes to understand the flow of your data and what you need that data to do.

Not only do we build a system that creates your desired outcomes, we look at actions and reactions too.

As data is added to your system, we will map the reason why it behaves in certain ways (its actions) and its different reactions.

Scoping at this stage is important by understanding how the data works in the system. Our developers can organise their code efficiently, writing maintainable code and minimising the risk of conflicts arising in the middle of the development stage, which can be costly and time-consuming.

This upfront investment in planning saves time and budget deeper into the project.

With the project properly scoped, it can then be planned into an estimated number of sprints your project might require - another part of our tried & tested process.

What are sprints?

Sprints are a set of fixed-time iterations used in Agile software development. They are typically two weeks in length and provide our team with a focused period to complete a specific set of tasks.

Each sprint is a short project that includes planning, development, testing, and deployment. The goal of each sprint is to produce a useful product iteration.

At the end of each sprint, the team reviews the progress and makes any necessary adjustments for the next sprint and repeats as necessary, until the project is complete.

Does this sound like how you’d like to work?

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