Hack Day: Memory Jigsaw

Recently Studio Mashbo set aside a day to focus collectively on a single project. A product designed to help those living with and those who have dementia.

The Dementia Memory Jigsaw

We've had the idea of a digital jigsaw for a while. An intuitive puzzle as part of a web application, involving the user rearranging pieces made out of a personal photograph. Something that can trigger a memory and stimulate the mind.

Innovate Dementia

The next step was to submit this idea to Innovate Dementia's UK representatives Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) and Mersey Care NHS Trust and their "Memory Enabling" technologies scheme.

This led to the LJMU Open Labs North West Digital Health Challenge, where we succesfully pitched the memory jigsaw concept and were selected to attend the Digital Health Days Conference in Stockholm. Here we witnessed the success of the Swedish governments' research and development processes when dealing with projects of this kind.

More recently we were afforded the invaluable opportunity to present at this month's Regional Stakeholder Platfotrm hosted by LJMU and Mersey Care and a room of around a hundred users and carers – generally engaging the potential market.

The lessons and feedback up until this point ultimately vindicated our idea and has encourged us to turn it into a reality.

What is a Hack Day?

A hack day generally involves intense collaboration on software projects; ideally ending the day with something to show, part of a product or something basically usable.

Together we were able to command and conquer, undertaking tasks that lend themselves to each of our specific skills and abilities.


Between us we looked at the current market, the psychology of our intended user, technology for capturing images and displaying jigsaw pieces in the browser.


We made significant progress in planning our web application. We now have a handle on the technology we'll use to build it and we've determined how the user will journey through the app.

This was our first agile-style day of this kind and we've already determined ways we can improve our next session in November.