Getting to know you: Technical Director, Steve Todd

Last week I shared a post on LinkedIn about Mashbo co-founders Liam Potter and Steve Todd and the roles that we’d fallen into as we’ve taken the business from a playful fledgling start-up to a software development consultancy with global clients.

This week I want to focus on one in particular, our Technical Director, Mr Steve Todd, so you can get to know and love him like we do.

As Technical Director, he’s responsible for pushing the boundaries of our team’s technical capability and ensuring that they deliver transformational technology solutions to our clients. However, he doesn’t just divvy out tasks and shout orders, he’s pretty hands on.

What more, he's good with people too ("I'm not actually a robot" he does often protest when we ponder his abilities as a Database Architect, System Architect, Developer and Tester) and he builds fantastic relationships with our clients, team and suppliers.

All in all, he's got a pretty nifty skill set, which I elaborate on over on my most recent LinkedIn article, before I hand over to Steve for a bit of a lighthearted Q&A.

Why not pop over and have a read, you might just discover some interesting facts about him...