Getting to know you: Liam Potter, Mashbo Creative Director

Anyone who knows Mashbo will almost certainly recognise Liam. In fact his signature beanie hat is probably as synonymous with our company as my stripy top is, to those who know us.

Liam is a very different kind of business leader. In fact he’s the kind of business leader that many don’t believe can possibly exist. He’s a quiet presence whose gentle force has on more than one occasion had an enormous impact on our business.

He’s a technically minded creative who has 18 years’ experience working with cutting edge web technology. He, like myself, started out as a designer. However, as Liam’s career progressed he developed technical skill in front-end development, which he combined with his passion for design.

Day-to-day he leads our team in its mission to create software solutions that look great and that people will actually use. He creates whole new brand identities or respects those that already exist by keeping design at the heart of everything we do.

However, to really understand his role at Mashbo and impact on our business, you need to get to know him a little bit more like we do and here from the man himself, which you can do if you take a look at my latest LinkedIn article here.