Gavin Joins the BIMA 100

BIMA 100 2020

We’re feeling exceptionally proud today, as our managing director, Gavin Sherratt, has been named as one of the BIMA 100 for 2020.

For those that don’t know, BIMA is the British Interactive Media Association, the industry body that represents the UK digital and tech industry. Each year a panel of independent industry experts seek out the 100 most influential, pioneering and groundbreaking people in the digital and tech industry, across a range of categories.

This year, Gavin has been included in the Tech for Good category. A significant part of his selection centred around his work leading the Mashbo team in the development of Chasing the Stigma’s Hub of Hope app, now the UK’s go-to signposting tool for mental health support.

The award-winning, free app has helped more than 120,000 people find life-changing and even life-saving support since its launch in 2017. In the last 12 months it has grown to become the nation’s most comprehensive mental health support database and is used as a signposting resource by 25+ national support services including Samaritans, Mind, Papyrus and emergency service professionals across the UK.

But Gavin’s work in the area of ‘Tech For Good’ extends beyond our technical work with Chasing the Stigma. He’s a vocal advocate for the importance of mental health in the workplace, in particular in the tech and creative sector, and the very notion of Tech for Good is baked into our company mission, to use technology to solve complex challenges and improve the lives of their employees and customers.

Under Gavin’s leadership and guidance the team has - and continues - to strive to leave everything it touches a little bit better than before and empowering clients through positive use of technology.

In the past 12 months, Gav’s approach has seen us complete projects with Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, the Centre for Alternative Technology and Chasing the Stigma, all using technology as a force for good.

Speaking of the announcement, Gavin said: “Being included in the BIMA 100, in a category that I feel so passionate about, is an incredible achievement. I’m stunned and extremely proud to be in such impressive company!

“To be recognised for our work with the Hub of Hope is very special not just for me, but for the whole team, as it is a project that we have all supported since its inception back in 2017.

“I have been an advocate for using technology to deliver positive outcomes for that benefit not just businesses and organisations, but employees, customers and wider communities, for many years now.

“However, in the midst of a global pandemic that is taking its toll on our mental and physical health and even financial security, it has never been more important to look at ways that we can use technology to help and support one another.”

Speaking of the BIMA 100, BIMA Co-President Nat Gross explained: “Our BIMA 100 is about recognising the people at the forefront of our industry. They are the people making a fundamental difference to our industry right now and, given the strange circumstances in which we find ourselves, we need their inspiration, innovation and leadership more than ever.

“Fortunately, with people like Gavin in this year’s BIMA 100, I think we’re in safe hands.”

Congratulations Gavin - we’re super proud of you!

You can see the full 2020 BIMA 100 list here.