Flexible Tech Solutions for the COVID-19 Era


Over the past few months, businesses have emerged out of COVID-19 hibernation, into a working world filled with uncertainty and a new demand for more flexible business processes.

Since full lockdown was lifted, the team at Mashbo has seen an increase in enquiries from businesses now working remotely and those which have always worked nationally and internationally across multiple sites and in territories across the globe.

The pandemic has caused many to turn attention to historic processes and practices and ask the question - could technology provide a better, more flexible solution that allows us to adapt?

Working with BDO

In most cases, the answer - even pre-pandemic - has been yes. Last year Mashbo implemented a project with global accountancy firm BDO, to streamline its admin-heavy onboarding process for clients and potential clients wishing to move their business into other global territories through the firm.

Following a scoping session, Mashbo was able to identify a significant amount of tasks that could be automated through an internal app. These tasks included gathering complex client information so they could be passed over to the relevant international BDO office, with relevant data being transferred seamlessly as well.

At the time, the app was intended to be used during in-person client meetings, but by automating and digitising key processes, it provided an unprecedented benefit when employees were forced to work remotely.

The onboarding app prevented clients being passed around to find the required information and allowed BDO staff to reassure them of the firm’s expertise, even if they might not be particularly familiar with the territory in question. The information was at their fingertips wherever they were located.

Improving Businesses

While company-wide roll-out will be implemented in phases, the benefits to those using the app - particularly while working from home - are already being recognised. It has reduced time spent on admin, helped clients get the information they need faster and reduced the points of contact required for a better client experience.

Mark Sykes, Partner at BDO, said: “Working with Mashbo helped us not only develop the tools we needed to deliver our new groundbreaking service to support local SMEs in the North West, but the team helped us think around user experience and ease of use. The system helped increase our efficiency, equip our teams to deliver a consistent service and supported us in quickly collating insights to help us support growing businesses.”

Gavin Sherratt, Managing Director at Mashbo, said: “Clever organisations are using this dramatic shift in our working life to improve their businesses. Indeed, some - like BDO - were already thinking in this manner. It’s an area where digital can really flex its muscle and value.

“From integrated dashboards where current systems need to talk to each other and systems for more transparency of remote workers to clients’ customers, to systems helping people working out in the field to be more accurate and efficient - there is a whole world of opportunity to be grasped.”

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This article was originally featured in the October edition of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce Magazine