Digitise vs Digitalise - The Difference Matters

Digitise vs Digitalise - The Difference Matters

Digitise and digitalise - two words that look and sound almost identical. In many cases they are also used interchangeably too, even in the tech world.

Yet, in reference to modern workplaces, the two concepts are fundamentally different and understanding the nuance could mean the difference between transforming your business, or standing still.

Digitise to Survive

Let’s start with ‘digitise’. To digitise something is to take analogue data - such as physical paper files - and convert it into an electronic format, like a text document. In a nutshell, It’s doing the same thing differently, replacing an analogue format or process like-for-like, with a digital or electronic one.

Digitisation can improve efficiency, speed up processes and streamline tasks. But nothing about the business model changes. You’re doing the same things, just differently. During the pandemic in particular, digitising the workplace was a means to survival for us all, but now it’s something akin to treading water.

Digitalise to Thrive

Digitalisation, on the other hand, doesn’t just do the same old stuff differently (just a bit better), it can shake up whole business models. It reveals new revenue streams and USPs and adds or even creates value.

From elevating remote working practices to automating manual tasks, digitalisation has the power to transform your business - something we’ve explored in our latest whitepaper Digitalise to Thrive.

This isn’t tech like you see in sci-fi. Everything in our report uses technology we all have access to, right now. It’s available, attainable and could help your business flourish.

Read our report and get ahead of your competitors.

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