Digital Diagnosis Programme

Mashbo Digital Diagnosis Programme

Software development consultancy Mashbo has set up a new complimentary digital diagnosis session to allow them to explore the viability of current or planned tech projects or digital transformation strategies being applied to their business services or internal operations.

This programme is focused on businesses that are looking to change the ways that they work and who are open to explore what is possible.

During the last 12 months, using an expanded version of this programme, Mashbo has delivered a series of exciting and transformational projects for its clients. These have included:

  • Business and financial management systems
  • Directory and database applications
  • Staff management appraisal software
  • Business and digital infrastructure consultancy
  • Digital partnership and commissioning consultancy

The digital diagnosis sessions will be carried out via Zoom with up to four key stakeholders from your business. The Mashbo team will listen, take stock of your requirements and ask some questions that may challenge your existing views, before providing you with a brief summary of what is possible from a technological viewpoint.

The summary will include next steps and estimated budget requirements.

To apply for this programme, you will need to complete the following survey. This will allow Mashbo to build up an understanding of your business and the challenge that you want to address through digital transformation.

Places are limited and successful participants will be contacted by Mashbo within 7 days of application receipt.

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