Digital Culture Shift


It's unnerving, but your organisation might need to change.

Digital technologies already underpin so much of a modern organisation. So it figures that digital thinking should feed into your business plan, your communications strategy and your internal processes.

A lot of us are aware of the potential of digital, but what about adapting to the fundamental changes to society that it brings?

Websites and web applications treated as an afterthought, tacked on to an existing 20th century business approach won't get the results you were hoping for. To compete with – or better – your competitors you'll need an open mind, a bit of bravery and a positive attitude.

Embrace Change and Roll up Your Sleeves

In his book "Digital Adaptation" Paul Boag encourages you to embrace change "before your competition does":

Post-digital companies are coming to disrupt your sector!

Maintain Your Digital Garden

Think of your online presence as a garden. Keeping a garden requires careful planning and energy: seeds planting, grass trimming, flowerbeds watering, weeds plucking, etc. It needs consistent care and attention.

Getting your garden to a state where it can compete with your neighbours is all well and good, but if you've expended all of your time and money on it, how will you keep it going? How will you ensure it still looks nice in a few months? Will the grass be as healthy next year? Will your favourite flowers grow at the right time?

Much like a garden, your website is never "finished" or "complete". It's should be treated as a living, breathing lifeform. A life-long project that needs consistent care and attention.

Once designed and launched, if you don't make the time or resources to properly tend to your digital presence it will overgrow, it will wilt or it will die.

Taking Responsibility

You or your team needs to take responsibility for your digital output. We are here to prepare you, guide you, empower you – but you have to do the rest. It's your voice, your staff and your energy that will keep the website going.

Together we will work out the easiest and most efficient way for you to sustain regular updates, articles or improvements.

Digital Champions

By encouraging your organisation to engage with your digital output, to express your values as people and as an organisation online, you can create "Digital Champions". Be it one person or many, someone needs to be identified to focus on tending to your web presence.

Perhaps someone on your team can be made responsible for updating your services section? Maybe there is someone who can make sure everyone in your team is contributing tweets and articles? Simply by giving your website the respect and care it deserves you are on the path to the sustainable quality that your audience derserve.

Don't Be Afraid to Break Your Routine

It's understandable that organisation owners and managers are reluctant to adapt their companies’ structure to accommodate the new reality of digital. It gets lumped in with the marketing department or with IT – neglected and sometimes forgotten about.

To achieve success you need to break your routine, you need to be open to being challenged by your digital agency. Change is scary. “But we've always done it this way” is not an excuse!

Digital is an enabler. If we know your challenges and end goals we can help your organisation embrace the culture shift.