Creative Impact Shortlist for Mashbo at the Echo RBAs

Creative Impact Shortlist for Mashbo at the Echo RBAs

We’re proud to announce that Mashbo has been shortlisted in the Creative Impact category at the Echo Regional Business Awards (RBAs) 2019.

It’s always a great honour to be shortlisted in any award, but this category means a lot to us, as it celebrates businesses whose creative work has led directly to improved business performance, either for their own businesses or their clients.

It’s about making a real impact.

Making an Impact

Our mission as an organisation is to use technology creatively to solve complex challenges and transform the efficiency, capability and profitability of organisations and improve the lives of their employees and customers.

We aim to change everything we touch for the better and always deliver a positive impact - it’s in our values.

Creative Impact Case Studies

Over the last few years we have gradually honed our strategy to focus on developing creative products that solve industry-wide issues and support the growth and transformation not only of our business, but our clients’ too.

As a result we have created groundbreaking, stand-alone products that streamline processes, free up staff and time to complete more profitable tasks and even delivering additional revenue streams. Below are just a few highlights from our work over the last 12 months.

Rooms4u - PropertyCloud

PropertyCloud is a cloud-based web application designed to transform the student and HMO lettings market by automating the entire rental process in a single integrated and comprehensive package.

The platform has reduced the time spent on tenancy generation and contract signing for all multiple-occupancy student properties from three weeks to under an hour. Since being implemented into Rooms4u’s business tenant numbers have increased by 168% (based on figures to November 2018).

It has delivered a 65% reduction in time spent generating and signing contracts and 68% reduction in time spent on the rent collection and compliance process. The time saved on day-to-day tasks has been reallocated to focus on improving customer satisfaction and business development. This has facilitated a 125% increase in viewings and 114% increase in lettings, with the business making a raft of new appointments to manage its rapidly increasing workload.

Chasing the Stigma - Hub of Hope

We have worked with Chasing the Stigma to develop the Hub of Hope app, which has connected more than 28,000 people to life-changing and lifesaving mental health support. The app forms the foundation of the charity’s mental health training programme ‘Ambassadors of Hope’ which is targeted a SMEs and large organisations and costs £50 per person, creating a vital revenue stream for the charity

Danone – Parking App

We have taken the company car park of international nutrition brand, Danone, and maximised its potential by creating a car park management app that has increased occupancy, reduced lateness, improved staff morale and even had a positive impact on the environment by boosting opportunities for car sharing.

Mashbo – Enveloper/Mashbot

We have created a series of internal tools and processes that have streamlined, automated and speeded up our own development processes too. This includes Enveloper, which streamlines the development of email templates from multiple applications and Mashbot, a tool that provides a consistent way to provision servers across different environments within a business.

These tools drive efficiency within the business, giving our team greater capacity and increasing the volume of work we can deliver and invoice. These creative solutions also have freed up our senior team to focus on new business and developing our service offering, in particular our consultancy services.

We’re up against some hot competition, so we’re not counting our chickens, but we are chuffed to bits to have made the shortlist - we’ll see you at the ceremony on Thursday 20th June!