CREation Property Network Breakfast: “Collaboration is Critical”

Last week I was invited to speak at CREation Property Network’s breakfast event, ‘Life Sciences and Technology: Impact on Real Estate’, which was hosted by Cushman & Wakefield in Manchester and sponsored by DLA Piper.

My fellow speaker was John Leake, Business Development Manager from Sci-Tech Daresbury. Now, I knew the bit I was in for - the technology.

I’d been asked to talk about our automated property management software product, PropertyCloud. The impact of this technology on the sector being increased productivity, profitability and significant time savings for the lettings agents currently using it.

But on the day I couldn’t help wonder where I fitted in with the Life Sciences and Science Park element of the morning? What was the connection and how would I follow a talk on such a heavyweight topic?

Collaborate to Innovate

It didn’t take long to work out the link - research, development and innovation. John provided brilliant insights into what makes a Science Park and highlighted how the North West is now rivalling the ‘golden triangle’ of Cambridge, London and Oxford in this area.

Along with the location and infrastructure that usually denotes Science Park, there were also less physical indicators, such as supporting tenant firms as they scaled and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration that facilitated growth.

The same principles can be applied to research, development and innovation in technology products. As a software development consultancy, we create products that allow the organisations we work with the flexibility to grow and scale.

We collaborate to innovate, whether that’s combining the expert sector knowledge of our clients and our technical expertise or bringing in specialists to help us deliver an impactful solution for a client.

“Collaboration is Critical”

It’s probably because of our own culture of collaboration and innovation that something John said in his presentation stuck with me as he explained how 80% of companies at Sci-Tech Daresbury collaborate with other companies on site: “Collaboration is Critical.”

This is exactly true in what we do and no more so than with PropertyCloud, our biggest start up to date.

When Rooms4u came to us with their challenge - low-value administrative tasks and processes dominating daily business operations, we collaborated and pooled our expertise to find the very best solutions.

Commercial Opportunity

In doing so we identified a commercial opportunity to resolve an industry-wide issue and moved forward together as business investment partners.

Working together we have created a product that is revolutionising the student lettings market. We have taken the tenancy creation and contract signing process for HMOs from three weeks to under an hour and created a platform whose automated rent reminder feature once generated £70,000 worth of payments just minutes after being issued - no time-consuming chasing needed.

That’s the power of collaboration.