Chamber Award for PropertyCloud

Liverpool & Sefton Chamber of Commerce Winners 2019

We’re winners again and it NEVER gets boring!

Last night we were awarded the Liverpool & Sefton Chamber of Commerce accolade for Digital & Technology at its annual awards ceremony for our student property management platform, PropertyCloud.

Gavin and I took to the stage, brew in hand and proud as punch of what the team has achieved. They have taken the complex and archaic processes surrounding the student lettings industry and creating a product that actually makes things easier for the professionals in the sector, not to mention providing a better experience for tenants too.

For those of you that don’t know, PropertyCloud is a cloud-based web application designed to transform the student and HMO lettings market by automating the entire rental process with a single integrated and comprehensive package, hosted in one place and working seamlessly together.

Its first successful pilot, with student letting agency, Rooms4u, facilitated a 114% growth in lettings in the first four months of the test. It also saw time spent on tenancy generation and contract signing down from three weeks to under an hour per property and generated a 125% increase in viewings.

After that we rolled it out and made it commercially available and it now looks after 177 private landlords and 5,204 tenancies across the UK.

In line with our values and our mission to ‘build things people use’ we really have pushed our boundaries and made a positive difference by doing so.

We’ve created something that streamlines processes, allows more time on revenue-driving and customer care work and genuinely improves the lives of professionals in the sector by automating the majority of the administrative ‘grunt work’.

We’re now entering a new phase with PropertyCloud and seeking growth investment of £400,000 over the next year to allow us to scale up the business and roll the platform out to an even wider customer base, and we’re excited for that journey.

But for now, well done team Mashbo and thank you for all your hard work! If you’d like more information on PropertyCloud you can contact us or visit