Celebrating Success as a Team


It’s been a busy couple of weeks of awards dinners for the Mashbo team. It’s been hard on our livers (and pockets), but we’ve had a little bit of success.

Firstly, I was named Independent Business Person of the Year at the Merseyside Independent Business Awards. Although the award has my name on it, it’s very much a team effort and the credit is also for both Liam and Steve, my fellow co-founders at Mashbo.

The focus for us is all about the team and the people behind the scenes. This is a great result for the business and the team.

Winning Client

Following the MIB Awards success our client Nugent won the Digital Community Award at the Northern Enterprise Awards in Manchester.

It was great to see their joy as their name was announced to the audience at the gala dinner in the Victoria Warehouse.

This achievement comes after months of hard work helping Nugent to develop a new communication, brand and digital strategy which was successfully developed with the Nugent team, with the support of our friends at Bread Media.

Highly Commended

Additionally, I received a highly commended award at the Northern Enterprise Awards for leadership, which was a great honour as Mashbo was the only business shortlisted – proving that you don’t have to be a charity, social enterprise or community interest company to have social values.

This ethos is a key part of Mashbo as a digital agency. We value this as much as our collective skills and talents for developing software and digital applications, through to shaping brands and strategy – like we did with the now award-winning Nugent project.

Team Effort

But these recent awards are recognition to everybody who is a part of the Mashbo story so far as we head towards our 5th birthday.