Case Study: Vista 10 to 3

Employment law firm Vista approached us with a unique challenge - to deliver an entirely bespoke online management system for its clients and own employees on a relatively modest budget.

Vista, which offers a range of blended services including employee law advice, employee relations support and management training, had big ambitions for its platform, which would automate all of its services and drive efficiency within the business.

In early scoping sessions with the Vista team, we recognised that its budget do not match the team’s initial ambitions. Never ones to back down to a challenge, Mashbo’s technical experts came together to develop a creative and cost effective solution that would deliver the company’s vision as a fully functional Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

This meant that the platform proposed would deliver the key required functionality, but allow for future development and improvement, should further budget become available and enable them to extend the scope of the product to the ‘nice to have’ elements.

The Brief

Vista’s MVP was an intuitive and user-friendly HR and training product that they could send to clients who could then manage their own user journey, by easily accessing the videos, documents and support they needed via an online portal.

In order to create an additional revenue stream, they also wanted the platform to facilitate the ability for anyone with an interest to purchase one-off access to training and advice videos.

Alongside this, the platform needed to be simple for the Vista team to manage internally. In the past training programs and information had to be sent manually via email, which was very time consuming. Vista’s vision was a platform that would allow their own staff to upload and configure content. The delivery of this content to clients would then be automated.

Working on a Wordpress framework, our biggest challenge was to identify ways we could create the required functionality using of-the-shelf Wordpress plugins. This did not, however, necessarily mean using these plugins for what they were originally built for.

Instead we simplified the brief to focus on what we could create using these existing plugins, without the need for any bespoke build. We then used our technical expertise to repurpose them to deliver the functionality that Vista required. This included being able to create individual user logins, the functionality for client contact personal lawyer direct and the ability to deliver bespoke training courses that comprised videos, assessments and document files. The end solution was the ‘10 to 3’ platform.


Technical Delivery

Our solution used Vimeo to host and shared the high-quality video content, using an adapted restricted content Wordpress plugin to limit permissions to see these videos.

This meant that clients could be given access to the content at appropriate times by Vista’s staff, with no need for additional technical support. Vimeo pro was integrated with the platform to allow the pay-per-video feature.

In order to extend range of content on the platform, which consisted mainly of traditional Wordpress content like text, images and videos, we also integrated WebEx with the Wordpress site. This allowed for the delivery of Webinars through the platform.

As well as ensuring a wide range on content could be uploaded and accessed, we also developed the functionality for individual passwords to be created for each client account. This allowed each client access to a personal portal area.

Training was provided by Mashbo to Vista employees who would be using the platform to deliver content to clients or to upload new content. This interactive training involved our team walking the Vista team through the system and allowing them to learn by doing, rather than via hefty documentation or many hours of webinars.

The simple back end functionality meant that, following training, Vista staff could manually set up user accounts and restrict and provide access where required, again without the need for development support.

In order to ensure that the site would deliver on business objectives such as user engagement and video purchases, we built in analytics that tracked metrics including the download of links from distributed resources, so the effectiveness of the platform could be measured.


Creative Collaboration

The Vista brand is already well established and the 10 to 3 platform was an extension of the company’s ‘professionally informal’ visual identity and tone.

Mashbo’s team worked collaboratively with Vista’s branding agency throughout the project to ensure that brand guidelines were adhered to, At the same time we made sure that the user interface would create a seamless and intuitive client experience when using the platform.

Mashbo took the lead on the UX (User Experience) of the content-heavy platform. We built the information architecture around Vista’s core services, which deliver on its key business objectives, ensuring these were at the forefront of the site.


Through taking a collaborative and creative approach to the project, we were able to deliver an effective product that fitted the client’s budget without compromising on quality, functionality or user experience.

The platform has streamlined the business processes, allowing staff members more time for client care and new business development, while the pay-per-video feature has created a new and more accessible revenue stream for the company.

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