BusinessCloud roundtable: Putting the smart into smart technology

BusinessCloud RoundTable

On Tuesday 13th November, I’ll be taking part in a BusinessCloud roundtable over at the UKFast Campus in Manchester, which will examine the impact that so called ‘smart’ technology is having on business.

Here at Mashbo our team is focused on using technology to improve the productivity, efficiency and profitability of the businesses and organisations that we work with. In effect we are taking the ‘smart’ technology we see increasingly in use in our homes and cities and embedding it in the workplace to deliver on specific objectives.

Changing How Business Works

We’ve used technology to change the way businesses in a multitude of sectors work, such as driving efficiency, productivity and profitability for student letting agent clients, using our automated property management platform, PropertyCloud.

We’ve also used automation to maximise the potential of corporate car parks and streamline the time consuming business processes of a national employment law firm.

We’re putting the smart into smart technology and ensuring it has a tangible and measurable impact on our clients’ businesses, employees and end users.

Driving Productivity

At the event we’ll be discussing how companies are harnessing the latest technology trends, from automation and AI to VR and AR, to be more efficient and productive.

We’ll be delving into just how tech can improve productivity and efficiency and what the future trends will be. For more information you can check out the event here