Branding Yourself as a Digital Agency

As humans we all have our foibles. We make mistakes. This doesn't stop other people liking us, respecting us and loving us.

When we first meet someone we haven't the chance to take in everything about them all at once. We initially base our opinion on only a few things – a shared interest, world view or sense of humour.

Reaching out to Humanity

Like people, potential clients need an excuse to fall in love with an agency. A reason to give them a try, to commit or to obsess over.

When coming across us, or our website, a client will be of the mindset “I want to find the right digital agency” or “I want someone who can help me achieve my goal”.

"Welcome to our website. We do this and this and this. And this. And this..."

We can't merely mechanically reel-off a list of our traits and service offerings and expect the visitor to do the hard work in determining if that works for them, if they could trust us or if they could start an enjoyable relationship with us.

By doing this, not only are we going to sound almost identical to the next agency, we're also causing unnecessary effort.

Internal Branding

We need to first consider those that make up our organisation. Our agency brand can't exist as a synthesised layer, hiding the people underneath. It must exist as a product of an internal brand:


Beyond a strong internal foundation we can focus or exaggerate all of the real personalities that make up our teams. The way we treat each other, the way we communicate, the level or respect and care we show our colleagues, managers and staff should naturally permeate into our client-facing brand.

External Branding

External branding should then capitalise on our internal positives and determine how to communicate this. How to show us in our best light. What marketing approach to take.

Project Your Humanity

As organisations we need to put our personalities, opinions, philosophies, values – and even foibles – out at the forefront.

We need to project or human side. Without empathy and compassion how can we be the right digital agency?